A Better World Through

Better Connections

Who is

Salvador Ordorica?

I have worked my entire life to better understand people and the ways in which they connect with one another. I’ve traveled the world and seen directly the impact that language and understanding, or the lack thereof, can have on communities. The world runs on connections, and when we give everyone the equal ability to speak and trade on a global scale, we have begun to build something better.


“The Spanish Group has been instrumental in helping our organization communicate with clients in languages that they speak such as Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese”

Matthew Libman, President, United Medical Credit

As an education researcher, I trust the Spanish Group to consistently provide high quality Spanish translations for surveys that PBS SoCal uses to measure the impact of our parent and educator programs. Translations are always returned back to us very quickly, and I know I can always count on them to help me meet urgent deadlines as well. I can count on the Spanish Group to translate our materials accurately and thoughtfully so that we can continue to serve our bilingual participants.

Tarana K., PBS SoCal

I have been extremely pleased with the service. The Spanish Group is timely and efficient. It has been a joy working with them.

Vanessa M, California Coastal Commission

Cultural Understanding

Salvador Ordorica’s mission is to improve intercultural understanding through bold strategy with The Spanish Group and the drive to help others.


Salvador Ordorica is the founder and CEO of The Spanish Group LLC, a premier certified translation agency based out of Irvine, California. Salvador has lived in numerous countries, is fluent in three languages, and brings incredible value to his ventures through an understanding of cultures, market trends, technology, and global issues.

Under the guidance of Salvador, The Spanish Group has grown rapidly from a sole proprietorship to an international service, employing hundreds, and relied on by Fortune 500 companies and individuals and worldwide. Salvador's business endeavors have been recognized for both their financial and social benefits. He was recently accepted into the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only association for business owners that have seen extraordinary entrepreneurial success.

Internationally Recognized Award Winning Translation Services

A first-generation Mexican American, Salvador attributes his achievements to his passion for education and his affinity for international cultural connections. He has risen from a freelance translator to the CEO of a company employing nearly one hundred and fifty full-time staff and language experts in less than ten years. Under his direct leadership, The Spanish Group has become indispensable to multiple Fortune 500 corporations, as well as thousands of families and individuals across the globe by offering its certified translation service into over 90 languages.


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