A Better World Through Better Connections

My name is Salvador Ordorica and I have worked my entire life to better understand people and the ways in which they connect with one another. I have seen the direct impact that language and understanding, or the lack thereof, can have on communities. The world runs on connections, and when we give everyone the equal ability to speak and trade on a global scale, we have begun to build something better.

Salvador Ordorica, CEO and founder of The Spanish Group LLC.


Salvador Ordorica is the founder and CEO of The Spanish Group LLC, a premier certified translation agency based out of Irvine, California. Salvador has lived in numerous countries, is fluent in three languages, and brings incredible value to his ventures through his understanding of cultures, market trends, technology, and global issues.

Through the savvy leadership and perseverance of Salvador, The Spanish Group has grown rapidly from a sole proprietorship to an international service, employing hundreds, and relied upon by both Fortune 500 corporations and individuals and families around the globe.

Salvador’s efforts have directly benefited thousands in underserved and immigrant communities, and his initiatives have been recognized for both their financial and social benefits. Salvador Ordorica was accepted into the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only association for business leads that have seen extraordinary entrepreneurial success.

Salvador’s passions drove him to distinguish himself early in his career. He graduated from the University of California Irvine cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and International Affair Salvador attended the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, and later the renowned Institut d’ études politiques de Paris. He is an active member of the prestigious honor society Phi Beta Kappa.

Throughout the latter period of his education and travels, Salvador had begun to work as a freelance translator, but became increasingly frustrated with the many shortcomings in the industry and the acute issues facing the immigrant communities he had grown close with. Salvador was driven to found The Spanish Group and to fix the mistakes he saw other businesses making. Under his guidance, The Spanish Group immediately began to pioneer essential services, such as same day translations, that have helped thousands to meet otherwise impossible immigration deadlines. These now essential services combined with strict hiring practices and quality controls (only the top 1% of translators and administrative staff work for The Spanish Group) Salvador’s business began to change the entire face of online translation services.

Today, not only are individuals and families benefiting from the quality and speed of The Spanish Group services, but multiple international corporations rely heavily on The Spanish Group to serve their international clientele. The Spanish Group has won multiple competitive government contracts, and various federal agencies directly recommend The Spanish Group for their translation services.

Salvador worked to meet industry demands directly, and personally oversaw his company’s entrance into over 18 foreign countries. The Spanish Group has also expanded into medical translation, engineering translation, legal translation, and other highly specialized professional services.

Salvador Ordorica’s story of success, and that of The Spanish Group, is one based on bold endeavors, and constant drive to help others. 

Outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Salvador continues to explore his passions for international politics and culture; he is an avid traveler and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. As his business grows, Salvador continues to adapt and evolve his understanding of international affairs and how he can best serve the communities that rely on The Spanish Group.